Services and Solutions


We assist small and mi-sized organizations with their Information Security needs and compliance, our services and solutions help organizations with IT comliance, HIPPA and  PCI/DDS IT security controls. Whether we become your Managed  Security Provider or the Security Solution implementer you can rest assure that the solutions will be a perfect fit for your environment.


We have been helping small businesses achieve advanced security protections  since 2009. Collectively, our solutions have stopped thousands of cyber-attacks and malware propagantion in our clients' networks, protected data from falling into the wrong hand, secured electronic communication, and provided a layer of business accountabilty to every employee by implementing web content filter solutions.

Network Security



With the network as the core component of businesses smart, reliable, and adaptable solutions must be implemented to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information without causing business disruption. McAfee's Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offers granular access controls, built-in high availability and load balancing, unified software platform, intelligence awareness capabilities, IPS/IDS functionality and much more. 


The new NGFW is second to none in the industry and with flexible migration incentives implementing McAfee's solution is the right thing to do.

Endpoint Security



McAfee EndPoint Security suite covers all endpoint devices: mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, servers. With a sophisticated and advanced engine powered by Advanced Threat Prevention  you can rest assure that your devices can stand against any threat attacks, including zero day threats. With easy administration via SaaS console portal or the ePO management and deployment becomes easy and flawless when adding, removing hosts, updates endpoint with new products, and manage multiple sites.

Vulnerability Assessment



Do you know if your firewall vulnerable to the latest attack? Are your servers, workstation, and applications protected against common and advanced threats?  That's what a vulnerability assessment does you, it shows a clear picture of  your security setting. 


Along with Vulnerability Assessment we also perform penetration testing services for those more proactive companies of in need of complying with government and industry mandates. We conduct white box and black box type test on your environment, document the finding, and create a comprehensive report.




Corporate Security Awareness: Our corporate security training guides users to understand the security principle that support the local security policy and best practices. Onsite and Remote 


CISO Security Training: Designed to education C-Level, Stakeholders, and business decision makers in the realm of Information Security and Industry trends. Onsite


Certification: We assist organizations prepare their technical employees interested in obtaining neutral reputable industry certifications. We currently teach CISSP and Security+ curriculum. 

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