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Providing Fortune 100 IT Security services and solutions to small organizations at at small business price.

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Traverse Networks was founded by a group network security engineers and technical enthusiast who have spent the last 20 years  working in the IT field. With vast experience in network, cyber security, and business management we possess a deep understanding of all parts involved in a functional network environment and how the network represents a core component for small businesses. Traverse Networks was born to bridge the gap between advanced cyber security solutions and small organizations providing cost effective customizable solutions. Now small businesses can take advantage of the same core technologies and solutions that Chase, Bank of America, Boing, Government organizations, and most fortune 500 companies use to protect their network. What's best is that we offer the solutions at a small business price.


We are a Managed Security as a Service company, we are an Intel Security partner who specializes in developing cyber security solutions and implementations using McAfee technologies. McAfee is now part of Intel Security Services which developed the most sophisticated Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) solution to prevent, analyze, and mitigate attacks.


Years of experienced coupled with our expertise in the latest technologies allow to help small organizations create a strong security posture. Not only our solutions and services help small organizations stay protected against hackers but they also help them comply with industry and government mandate standard such as PCI, HIPAA, and Sox.


Our clients vary in size and industries, we service doctor offices, real state agencies, brokerage firms, financial institutions, educational facilities, shipping companies, attorney offices,  restaurant chains, and many more. With Traverse Networks every businesses regardless of its size and industry can take advantage of the latest and most advanced cyber security solutions at a price that's fit their budget.


We are located in the heart of NYC and service businesses in the 5 boroughs and New Jersey.

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