We are a cyber-security services company providing fortune 100 grade security solutions to small and mid-sized organizations at a small business price.


​We are all about Information Security Services and Solutions, our expertise, strategic technical vision, and partneship alliances allow to develop highly advanced customized security solutions to each environment.


We haver partnered with Intel Security to implement and deploy McAfee solutions, the  the most advanced, reliable, and scalable cyber security technology company in the market.  We help small organizations mitigate cyber security threats, ensure business continuity, and help businesses implement and support PCI and HIPAA  technical controls. 

Our customers include: Doctor Offices, Real State Companies, Educational Organizations, Construction Companies, Architecture Firms, Law Offices, Marketing Companies, Shipping Companies, Non Profits, Researchers, Political Associations, Schools, Pharmaceutical, and Early Intervention clinics.


You can count on us whether you are in need of compliance or Security Services. We provide the most advanced, reliable, efficient, and Cost effective solutions for small organizations.

How we do it.


Security as a Service: we install the security engine on your endpoints and have them connect to our security servers, the connecting hosts report their security status and configuration to the server and receive the pre-defined policies instantaneously. We remediate the incident based on the agreement.


Security Provider: We sell and implement the solutions in your network environment then we pass all control and administration to your local IT department. We'll always be there for you for support should you have any questions.


Security Project Based: Training, Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration test. We work with on a project basis or as an extension arm until project's scope is completed.

Why Traverse Networks?


   We are the only cyber security company in the New York metro area dedicated to serving small and mid-sized organization.

  ► Industry experience, we help organizations from 5 to 300 employees.

  ► No hardware investment for SaaS solutions.

  ► Broad security portfolio.

  ► Cost Effective: No annual commitment, no monthly contract, you pay only for the licenses and products you use.

  ► Fortune 100 Class IT Security department working for you.

  ► Cloud and Premises Security Solutions.

  ► We are all about Security: Endpoint protection, Data Encryption, Email Encryption, Firewalls, IPS\IDS, SIEM, Web Content Filter.

We are the IT security department for Small businesses

We help organization address all their Information Security needs. Our world class services and solutions allow small businesses to have the same level of protection enterprise customers have. With a broad security solution portfolio we have protection services for each environment  that adjust to every budget.


From Cloud Services, on Premise Solutions, to Security Consulting you can count on Traverse Networks to deliver the most reliable and cost effective solution to your environment. Our customers' focus is on growing their business, our focus is on protecting them.

Figures taken from the 2013 Verizon report

Small Business Cyber Security Facts:

  • 77% of SMBs believe their company is safe from cyber-attacks.

  • Small and mid-sized businesses are facing the same cyber threats as large enterprises.

  • Small businesses lack strong security procedures and policies.

  • 60%of small businesses don't consider cyber-attacks a big risk to their organization.

  • Most cyber attacks follow the path of least resistance.

  • Email based attacks accounted for 79% of social breaches in 2012.

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